sols_2011challengeHappy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!  Happy No School (thanks to plumbing) and Happy 13th birthday today to me!  Whooooo Hooooo we had no school today!!!!!  When I first found out I sad because I didn’t want to be home alone all day on my birthday.  Though this turned out to be one of the best birthday’s ever!!!  Around 9:00 my friend Bryn came over and we had a great time just hanging!  Around 1:00 Bryn and I went to my cousin, Rachel’s house and we headed off  (on our bikes) to the Chocolate Moose.  After that we went to the park and then back to my house!  We all had such a blast and I was very grateful they were here to make my b-day more interesting and fun!  Just when I though my birthday couldn’t get any better mu parents surprised me!  I got my OWN cell phone!!!!!!  For those who didn’t know I had to share one with my brother…earlier!!!!  Well, what I thought was going to be a born b-day actually turned out to be a great one!!!  Thanks to everyone who was with me today!!

3 thoughts on “SOLSC~2011~17/31

  1. Well, happy birthday to you! Sometimes life brings you the unexpected and it turned out perfect for you today. Also noticed, so far you are the only student to post. Good for you!

  2. Haha I wish I could do that. I can’t go on the interenet on my phone. Well I can but it confuses me and my parents don’t want to pay for it so I’ll just stick with the computer:)

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