sols_2011challengeTop 10 Favorite Movies

1. The Blind Side

2.27 Dresses

3.Dumb and Dumber


5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

6. The Princess Diaries

7. Remember the Titans

8. Up

9.  Twilight


8 thoughts on “SOLSC~2011~15/31

  1. I love these movies too!! You should really try and finish the Harry Potter books so you can see the 6th and 7th movies (which are the best ones).

  2. Well I just fished the third book and I still have to see that movie but I’m working my way there!

  3. You finished the third book?!?!? Great job, keep going! I expect the fourth book done in a week(:

  4. You really have A LOT of confidence in me, don’t you! Actually I still have 4 pages left in the book…wooooppss forgot to mention that!:) Unless you want me to read during practice and our tournament there is no way I will get it done in a week!

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