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sols_2011challengeToday is the day, the last day of slice of life challenge:(  It went by soooo fast which made the month of March go by soooo fast!  Slice of life as helped me grow so much as a writer.  Also it is another goal I have achieved!  I never thought I would actually write all 31 days but I did!  Congrats to everyone else who did!  Before this challenge I thought slice of life was kind of stupid.  I do not think that at all now!  I plan to continue slice of life in the future…not everyday cause that has it ups and downs, but when I have the chance! 

It’s kind of sad that it’s over but it will be nice not to have to worry about it each day!  I had this little white board that I would sit on my bed saying “Did you do SOLSC?”  That is why sometimes I would right at 10 at night cause I would forget about it!  This was a really cool challenge and I’m really glad I got to conclude in all the days!


sols_2011challengeSo much to do in such little time!!!!  Tomorrow I have 3 tests that I’m really worried about 2 of them and I’m freaking out!  Now, normally I wouldn’t make such a big deal but today I had both track and basketball practice which is limiting my time!  Luckely my basketball coach cut our practice to only an hour because many of my teammates also have tests.  I realize now that I’m writing about it, I don’t think it will be to bad…well maybe.  Now on the bright side, Mrs. Cornwell is giving my class brownie sundaes tomorrow…after a a test!!:)  I’m sure I will be OK and if I do bad at least I’m trying!


sols_2011challengeI think the National Writing Project is really cool and has really helped me as a writer!  I was able to use different types of writing!  Before writing was never really my favorite thing but after doing slice of life for 29 days I really look forward to writing!  Whether it is on my blog, an essay, or just any other school paper I  think it is easier and fun!  I would never write out of school but now I find myself writing on my blog sometimes at 10 at night or 6 in the morning!  This program helps both the teachers and students.  My teacher has gone to conferences where she learns new writing materials and then teaches us!  She has introduced so many new things to me from this program!  We got to learn how to use blogs, glogs, slice of life, and so much more!  This March we did the slice of life challenge and I plan to continue the slice of life. I really hope they bring this program back!


sols_2011challenge5 ways to make someone smile:)

1) Make a funny joke/comment

2) Be kind and help them in time of need

3) Be friendly and reply when they talk to you

4) Simply show you care and love them

5) Laugh with them which will make yourself smile:)


sols_2011challenge“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.”

I think this quote can be really inspiring if you think about it.  No matter what problems you go through life goes on.  So if you can’t get something to work just keep trying.  When you have a small problem or even a big problem just remember it will turn out okay (and probably in a year or so you will forget about it or it won’t even matter.)  I think if we try to remember a quote like this it will help us from getting stressed out or freaking out about little things.


sols_2011challengeIn my last post I told you me and a couple of friends were going to my friends house!  We had soooo much fun!!!! We made cupcakes, did each others hair, played games, etc. It was such a blast!! Today when I had to leave the fun didn’t stop! My mom took my friend Brny and I shopping!!  We went to the mall, Kohls, and Target!  I got about 2 new outfits including shoes and everything!:)  Bryn almost got this really cute skirt and shirt but she ended up not.  All in all I’ve had a really good weekend so far!


sols_2011challengeUsually I do not write this early!  In my case though I had to write now because I will not be able to write on my blog tonight.  I am going to a friend’s house right after school and spending the night.  We are all excited and can’t wait to hang out and watch movies! Two other girls will be going to my friend’s house with me.  Hopefully tomorrow for my slice of life I can tell you what we did and hopefully the good time we had (even though I know it will be a great time!!!!)  I can’t wait for tonight!  Hope everyone else had a good Friday night!!


sols_2011challengeToday was one of the best basketball practices ever!!!  It was 2 hours long but it ended up only being one hour.  Half way through our practice a team of older guys around there 30’s came in our gym and said we that they had practice.  We though about splitting the gym but that wouldn’t work out for the drills we wanted to do.  Instead our coach took us to McDonald’s and he got us all shakes and fries!!! Now not the healthiest thing for a basketball team but we don’t have another tournament for about 3 weeks.  We were cracking jokes and having a great time!   Thank  you Coach Seal and Coach Roe!!


sols_2011challengeI sit here stuck…I have no clue what to write about!  I know Mrs. Cornwell has gone over this in class but I just did a list and quote the last two days.  My mind flows through the day to think of a good memory that happend. I try to search for a funny memory but if I told you any you probably wouldn’t get it cause most of them are the “inside jokes.”  I then think of Tech Ed.  Nothing really funny happened that day but I am really proud of what I’ve accomplished in that class.  I am making a shelf for my room and today I got so much work done!  It felt really good and I can’t wait to see how it turns out in the end!  Now I’m not so good with these tools so some people might not think it looks good but to me it will!  Hopefully the rest will go smoothly!


sols_2011challengeLive Laugh Love

Live: Live by the words you mean and the way of your culture.  Live the way you want to and don’t make any one control you.

Laugh: Laugh at all the mistakes you make cause you know it will get better.  Laugh with friends, family, etc. it will make each relationship better.

Love: Love those who need you most especially at a time of need.  Love back to those who love you.