Archive | November 2010

A Time When I Showed Perseverance

I remember when I was little I showed a lot of perseverance.  It was when we took the training wheel off my bike.  I was very scared and I was not good at it. Sometimes I would get very far and other times I would like fall of right away.  I got hurt a lot but I kept trying until I could get it.  I got many scrapes and bruises but it was worth it because it would be very embarrassing if I was still on training wheels.  I wanted to quit but I didn’t, my dad convinced me to get back on.  If I just quit who knows what might of happened.  I just kept trying and showed much perseverance. Now when ever my little cousins take their training wheels off I always tell them to keep trying because it is worth it.

Opening Day

Yesterday was opening day for all hunters.  It was a just a normal day for me.  The only thing different is my dad went up north to hunt so he wasn’t home.  Sadly he did not get a deer but,  I’m hoping he will get one today!  Plus, I did not have as much classmates in each class.  I think it is cool when kids come back and tell about what deer they got or saw or how boring it was because they didn’t see anything. It’s cool listening to all the excitement about opening day even though I didn’t hunt.

My Wish List

Wordle: Amanda P. Wish List

Today in class we made a wordle of our wish list.  I have done wordle many times before so it was really anything new to me.  I did think it was a cool and creative way to do our wish list though.   Some of them are really sweet looking and have given me a few ideas to add on to  my list!

Free Write- Thankful

I am thankful for many things in my life.  Whether is is something very little or something huge.  Even if it’s the piece of candy me cousin gave me or the food and clean water I have, I am thankful.  Being thankful to others also shows that you are polite and have good character.  It also shows we care.  Sometimes we may not show it but we are all thankful  for what we have.